Consumer Alert

Keep your Pay Safe Money funds safe: watch out for these scams and frauds.

Auto-surf, HYIPs (High Yield Investment Program), or Ponzi schemes

"It was easily worth fifteen million bucks to watch me put the thing over!" Charles Ponzi
For more information about "HYIP" or Ponzi schemes, you can read in Wikipedia

Fake Emails purporting to be from example

1. Never access your example account by clicking on any link in an email.
2. Never open or view any email attachment that is purported to be from example .

Con artists and scammers may attempt to send you fake emails which are called phishing attacks . Many times the email will ask you to click a link to log in to example or open an attachment which may contain a Trojan Horse .

Whenever you log in to Pay Safe Money, make sure that http://www.example .me appears in the address bar.

Never assume that if a particular website has the words, "Pay Safe Money" in its name, for example, "example", it has anything to do with, or is endorsed by, Pay Safe Money. This is a type of intellectual property fraud where criminals use Pay Safe Money's trademarks without Pay Safe Money's permission.

Auction Fraud

Scammers and fraudsters may take advantage of some customers by offering unusually low prices for goods on various auction sites and entice you to pay them via Pay Safe Money. Please make sure that their reputation is good and keep in mind that they can create accounts and build up their reputations fraudulently.

Auction thieves could also entice you to use a fraudulent escrow service (owned by the scammers) online to create the illusion that your funds are safe until you receive your product. Do not fall for it. You will not receive your product and the escrow service will not answer your emails after you pay them.

Pay Safe Money is not qualified, nor does it have the investigative tools or legal permissions, to conduct criminal or civil investigations of any Pay Safe Money merchant or user. Pay Safe Money's only recourse is to rely on legitimate court orders or arbitrations in order to freeze or close or limit any particular account, except where Pay Safe Money has direct knowledge of malfeasance such as a hacking attempt on its servers or other security violation against Pay Safe Money or its users.

Always use your head when paying others with Pay Safe Money! Please read example 's Terms of Service, and pay particular attention to this section:

User understands and acknowledges that user is aware that Pay Safe Money spends are irrevocable and that user agrees to follow the policy of buyer beware ("Caveat Emptor") when using Pay Safe Money at various merchant sites, especially merchants such as gaming or gambling or "HYIP" and other types of investment or chance games or matrices or Ponzis (pyramid schemes), which are identifiable by their promises of extremely high (more than 1% per day) rates of return, and that should user still wish to deal with such merchants that it is at user's own risk.