Free to Join,
No Monthly or Annual Fees
Minimal Transfer Fees

Service Fees have been minimized to ensure PSM is the most cost-efficient and convenient payment solution.

Our clients and partners know PSM as a reliable, stable and honest payment processor which targets not a momentary benefit and profit but an establishment of user- and business-friendly partnership.

Compare Us with others and decide your way...!

Deposit fees
Wire from 0.75%
Bitcoin 0%
At market rate
Added to balance: 4% per year
Internal premium account 0.5%
verified account 0.5%
unverified account 1.99%
Withdrawal fees
Wire transfer from 2% + bank fee
Bitcoin Express (instant) 0.5%
Security fees
SMS Notification $0.1
Annual Service $0
Account Restoration $100
Partner Program

PSM calls your attention to partner program. We offer you to get 1% of annual interest from the minimum monthly balance of your referral. Payment is on monthly basis.

You can start easily, just use this link:


Where account is your Username in our system.
Payments on referral program can be viewed in automatic monthly extract.